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Gravitational Lens Interpretation Proven Wrong by Metamaterials Bending Light

the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is purported to bend around massive cosmic objects by the gravitational lens theory. Metamaterial space fabrics prove what really happens to light is diffraction. The primordial big-bang radiation would not still be traveling around to reach earth, and be bent by huge galaxy clusters full of dark matter nonsense, all by gravity theories that take nothing into account by enormously strong and vast electric and magnetic fields.

Obtaining an exact solution of Einstein’s equations proves it’s entirely reasonable to discard the so called “gravitational lens” theory.

Mathematical imaginary relativity for gravity cosmology requires devising unseen dark matter and theoretical black holes. A societal virus plaques mankind widely misrepresented as the gravitational lens interpretation, along with the big bang theory. All true phenomena is electromagnetic in nature, that gravity theorists falsely mimic and analog by relativity.

Piezoelectric Metamaterial Black Holes

Graphene, Buckyballs Detected in Outer Space Suggests Electromagnetism in Metamaterials Shapes the Universe



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  1. exactly, and further water (H2O)does make a 'water veil' that is levitated by magnetism and has done so recently on planet Earth.

  2. The property called the index of refraction has no physical relationship whatsoever to the perfectly NON-physical concept of “curved space”, nor “curved time”, nor curved “space-time”. The analogy is conceptually insane and physically wrong. It’s like stating that the wind is made of icebergs.

    “Curved space” is a non-physical fantasy which can never be verified nor observed by any manner of experiment, nor by any manner of physical observation. To equate the physically measurable physical property of the index of refraction to the non-physical fantasy which has been labeled “curved space” is tantamount to saying that everything a human being can imagine is physically real. Such a reality would be a nightmare for everyone involved.

    In actual fact, it has been physically verified by direct observation that the idea of curved space in the vicinity of the sun has perfectly failed. See:

    In this presentation Dr. Dowdye tackles one of the most widely touted predictions of General Relativity (GRT), namely the bending of light paths by massive objects. He presents compelling empirical evidence that the direct relationship between light and gravitation in vacuum space does not exist. Crucially, he points out that when GRT was conceived, plasma was unknown, and that the edge of the Sun was considered, at that time, to be the boundary between the solar photosphere and the vacuum of space. Dr. Dowdye takes into account what is now known as physically reproducible observable fact: That a plasma atmosphere surrounds the Sun to considerable altitude. Dowdye applies Gauss’s law of gravitation and conventional optics to the problem, with results which physically refute Einstein’s version of relativity.


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