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Skyrmion Crystals and Magnetic Vortices Could be the Quantum Lattice of the Universe

Skyrmions align with a magnetic field in many kinds of ferromagnetic metamaterials yet to be discovered. The discovery of room temperature skyrmions means that they are everywhere, and constantly emerge and merge together naturally by forces of nature, in nanoscale and cosmic scale metamaterials structuring galaxies in the universe by electromagnetism. Skyrmions are magnetic vortex state swirls that form a crystal lattice. Monopoles of anti-matter spiral along magnetic field lines by 3-D vortex rotation. Anti-matter and matter together could be the fourth dimension of time, where both the past and future can arise or vanish, inside and outside innumerably many three dimensional skyrmion lattices. Every particle has it’s anti-particle. Lattices usually are shaped differently by their symmetry for different molecules.

Skyrmion Vortex Galaxy Model

Ferromagnetic hot gaseous iron, which is ejected by supernovas, was discovered in 2008 to be a superconductor of electricity. Red colored iron in galactic ejection jets originates outside the accretion disk. The accretion disk rotates in a plasma skyrmion vortex. Stellar orbits around the galaxy are “locked in place” at a distance from the center by magnetic levitation above the accretion disk of a “black hole” comprised of superfluid helium. M.I.T. has proven magnetic levitation is anti-gravity by using mathematical equations. The colder the black hole, the larger it is, with higher helium purity. Only the accretion disk can be observed in all black holes, revealing that it’s entirely an electromagnetic phenomena. 

X-rays and Jets

The broad iron K line X-ray emission is the accepted spectral signature of a rotating black hole, and the source hovers at some height above the accretion disk, says Chris Reynolds.  Supernovas eject iron and a galaxy is a collective organization of plasma stars, gases, and dusts.

Birkeland Currents analog Magnetic Vortices

The Milky Way’s central region transports 10^55 Ergs of  magnetic energy outwards into the galactic halo, shows Carretti. Magnetized outflows follow the magnetic field lines. This enormous amount of magnetic energy is highly efficient at organizing cosmic scale nano-structures in cold vacuum, like in labs. That’s 10 to the 55th power of magnetic energy in Ergs, which is genuine scientific evidence far more pertinent than all the dark matter cosmologies not using it. Any cosmology must explain it by using electromagnetism, instead of resorting to inventing theoretical dark matter and dark energy. The mysterious cold spots in the CMB are far older than the big-bang event, absurdly labeled as the birth of the universe by star formation minutes afterwards. Stars require cold dense gaseous filaments to condense, which are the enormous vast cold spots in the CMB that preexisted the Big-bang. 

The Milky Way’s bubble of magnetic energy is equivalent to 100,000 supernovas, and most galaxies are nearby other galaxies in the universe.

Buckyballs flourish in outer space, and are ideal electromagnetic metamaterials.  Silicene is silicon that mimics the properties of graphene. Overlapping together different atoms into single atom thick layers produces profoundly new properties in labs and outer space. Membranes surround galaxies. 

Galaxy IC342 Membrane of Carbon Nanotubes, Buckyballs, and other combinations of Metamaterials
Buckyballs stacked like crates of oranges


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  1. That's why the first thing created when atoms cool enough to be molecules is water.

  2. Water vapor is a gaseous molecule of H2O,that under earth's conditions becomes a liquid at 100 C, and a solid at 0 celsius. Oxygen is just after Hydrogen and Helium in cosmic abundance. Water vapor trails extend for thousands of light years across in quasar jets. Protostars have water jets. There are many kinds of molecules in space, but I think that a cold cosmology is better, and reveals that the first molecules to form were solid hydrogen,supersolid helium, then superfluid helium.

    • When you think about it, that’s got to be the right anewrs.

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  3. I can't find it in the spam filter, but I will start checking daily to restore and post good comments. There's a lot of compliments that are just spam, without any scientific discussion mentioned about the story. I plan on having a free monthly contest for $100,to go to the best commenter or member, to show I care and appreciate.Please discuss the story.


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