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Polar Jets of Electricity Weave Knotty Fractal Patterns In Fleming 1 Planetary Nebula

Electrical Birkeland currents and polar jets carrying electricity are visibly identifiable inside knotty gaseous plasma filaments, around Fleming 1 planetary nebula. Symmetric jets that weave into knotty, curved, fractal filamentary patterns are shaped by Birkeland currents throughout the universe.  

Fleming 1 planetary nebula shaped by jets carrying AC electricity between two close binary stars. NASA’s Boffin team says “Gas streaming off this massive star then flowed back toward the much smaller cooling white dwarf star nearby.” “It was at this point that jets were “TURNED ON” and began streaming out material away from the stars along the magnetic poles.” This activating of a switch connects an ELECTRIC CIRCUIT that produces the jets.
Fleming 1 planetary nebula wide view



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