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Magnetic Fields of White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars form exotic molecules H2,He2 perpendicular paramagnetic bonds

Earth’s chemistry laws change in outer space.  Exotic, fundamentally different, and brand new laws of chemistry exist near magnetic fields of neutron stars and white dwarfs. “Unknown molecular structures and exotic molecules likely fill outer space, awaiting to be discovered”, says Tellgren. Hydrogen H2 disassociates into paramagnetic H2, as does helium He2, which was recently discovered and named “perpendicular paramagnetic bonding,” where electrons occupy anti-bonding orbitals, that were believed impossible in chemistry.  Intense magnetic fields stabilize exotic molecules, that likely form cosmic scale sized lifeforms in the universe, by stars producing and ejecting complex organics everywhere as cosmic factories. “Astrochemistry” has emerged showing an entirely unbelieved reality, having greater significance in outer space than earth’s chemistry.  Astrochemistry is capable of explaining the universe by electromagnetism, and throwing away the old timers gravity theory. Paper links & story

Chemical perpendicular paramagnetic bonding exists only near intense magnetic fields of white dwarfs and neutron stars,
Intense magnetic fields produce an exotic molecular astrochemistry having new fundamental laws of chemistry



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  1. Astrochemistry! Wonderful. There has to be a logical solution to the monoatomics and Miles Mathis says we are an unblanced system, which I take to mean that we are in an environment that has experienced great change over what is normal space.


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