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Magnetar Pulsar Confusion Likely Geometric Orientation Line-of-sight

the second star has been discovered to have properties of both a Magnetar and a Pulsar.  Scientists are confused. Are star models evolving and becoming unifiable?

Magnetar or Pulsar? (Physorg story)

The observer’s geometric line-of-sight alignment orientation viewing angle, depends upon whether a pulsar, magnetar, or neutron star is observed, as part of an “evolving stellar unified model.” Magnetic fields from cosmic objects like neutron stars warps 3D space-time, and a pulsar is only detectable because it’s structure is revealed by beams directly oriented towards earth. NASA and ESA previously found this to already be true for quasars, black holes, magnetars, blazers, seyferts, radio galaxies, etc. as part of an evolving galaxy unified model. 
ESA Hubble says black holes, quasars, active galaxies are same phenomena depending on observer alignment
Same EM phenomena: agn, quasars, magnetars, blazars, many galaxy types, comprise an evolving unified galaxy model.
Geometric shaped oriented galaxies



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