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Protoplanetary Dust Cloud Gradually Vanishes Between 2008 & 2010 in Nearby Star Photos

Protoplanetary solar system disk from star TYC 8241 26521 is only 450 light years away, and between 2008 and 2010 it gradually vanished from our observation. 

“Disappearing” protoplanetary disc of dust explanation helps keep the trick gravity big-bang theory the standard cosmology. The team admits states they have no explanation at all, just foolish conjectures.

In 1983 IRAS Infrared Astronomical Satellite observed a large dust cloud surrounding this sun-like star, believed to be a protoplanetary disc that forms planets. In 2008 using infrared at Gemini South Observatory in Chile, the disc looked the same as in 1983.  However, beginning in 2009, the dusty disc was only 1/3 as bright, and in 2010 WISE observations showed the disc was entirely gone and has vanished.

Let’s be real about objective reality (cosmology) and not say this cloud vanished, like the scientists interpretation. It was 1/3 as bright in 2009, and now it can no longer be seen or detected, but the spinning rotating thin FLAT protoplanetary disc has temporary become aligned EDGE-ON with our line of sight, appearing to vanish, but it is obviously still there!  It is impossible by chance for us in astronomical time frames, that this nearby star has really lost it’s solar system disc, that requires tens of millions of years to form. Our telescopic observations are wrongfully interpreted to purport phony dark matter gravity galaxy halos, to explain the actual shapes alignments orientations of flat galaxies. The importance of this is that the observer’s alignment orientation viewing direction, and the spin and rotation in an electromagnetic plasma universe, explains away gravity cosmology. This is not what they want you to believe, even though NASA and ESA have written truthful findings stating that “Quasars, Black Holes, and Radio Galaxies are basically the same phenomena and part of an evolving unified model. Quasars, Blazars, and Seyfert Galaxies, are the same phenomena dependent upon viewing angle alignment orientation.

Expect more future photos of outer space to be compared with their past photos, showing many more unbelievably defying sudden changes, requiring a metamaterial fractal based plasma cosmology to emerge, putting to demise current paid funded institutionalized traditional cosmology still purporting the big-bang and telling dictating to us how they still see it.

Edge-on views makes the flat disc disappear 

Nearly Edge-on views of protoplanetary disks of stars show how they shrink.  A perfect 3D geometric alignment explains the finding.



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