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Streaming Hydrogen Gas Bridge Connects Andromeda and M33 Galaxies Together

Andromeda M31 galaxy and Triangulum M33 galaxy show no evidence of any kind of disruption, and are our nearest neighbor galaxies. The logical and natural conclusion is that streaming hydrogen gas bridges commonly connect together nearby galaxies, as they move as individual members of galaxy clusters and thin flat walled superclusters. Yet, scientists interpret the findings according to standard big-bang tradition, saying a tidal tail formed from a nearby encounter between the two galaxies over 2 billion years ago. Halton Arp’s observations of connecting galactic filaments continues to be denied. This is an extreme amount of time for a hypothetical encounter that did not even cause any disruptions. Radio telescopes today cannot detect these extremely faint radio emissions in more distant galaxies. The gas is very tenuous and beyond the reach of most radio telescopes. The only real interpretation is that this feature is nothing extraordinary as the scientists claim, but common with all galaxies.

streaming hydrogen gas bridge connects together our nearest neighbor andromeda galaxy with M33 triangulum galaxy. This cannot be a tidal tail from a close encounter over 2 billion years ago. There is no evidence of disruption of either galaxy. The radio emission is extremely faint and radio telescope capabilities barely detected the tenuous gas bridge and six clumps in the stream show they all share roughly the same relative velocity with respect to earth as the two galaxies together, proving there is a connecting bridge.

The Streaming Fractal Universe

Streaming Gas around Milky Way
In 2010 Streams of Gas was discovered around our milky way galaxy. The phony tidal tail collision theory was presented to explain this happening 2.5 billion years ago. In actuality, the gas streams connect together our satellite galaxies within the milky way’s plane, forming a larger-scaled structure.

Aligned spins cause streams in the universe at all hierarchical fractal size scales 

Streaming Satellite Galaxies and Gas within Milky Way’s Plane – No gravity tidal tails
Milky way satellite galaxies lose material, stars, and GAS, forming long STREAMS. This lost material is aligned with the plane of galaxies and galaxy clusters, states Pawlowski and Kroupa of the university of Bonn. The satellites are situated and move within the milky way’s plane as part of a stable larger-scaled structure. This new April 2012 finding spells serious trouble for dark matter. Kroupa says the findings rule out dark matter and threaten a central pillar of current cosmology. This is a new paradigm shift in cosmology says Kroupa


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