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Prometheus movie Holograms by the alien spaceship computer maps Holographic Universe structures

Prometheus film animation of alien cyborg in spaceship
Holographic galaxy map in the upcoming Prometheus movie
Computer Hologram in Prometheus movie 

holographic map of the alien spaceship

holographic alien spaceship map
holographic medical imaging in Prometheus movie – most likely the chief medical physician of the Prometheus spaceship is making an analysis of the brain holograms produced from tissue samples of crew members undergoing strange behavior. An alien infection was likely brought back to the Prometheus spaceship by the landing crew. It must be easily transmissible in some kind of way without a known cure or prevention because the crew members are shown laying  inside transparent life support equipment needing help.

Holographic 3d universe mapping of planets, stars, and galaxies in the Prometheus movie
Prometheus movie alien spaceship hologram of earth, nearby stars, and space-time
Prometheus landing crew discovers an alien holographic object of the earth that when placed inside the alien computer device produces a 3d space-time hologram of earth’s location with relation to the alien cloaked moon of Saturn named Prometheus. To save earth from a future planned invasion, they cannot return to earth, but must destroy the single alien spaceship orbiting inside the F-ring of Saturn, at all costs including a suicide collision crash mission. A different story version of Prometheus commonly told is that the crew finds evidence that earth was seeded with life. This makes for a far weaker plot in the movie then what could have been developed using your imagination.

the Prometheus moon of Saturn could be a metamaterial cloaked alien spaceship.
Astronomers are amazed how Saturn’s moon Prometheus is symmetrical shaped like a cloaked alien spaceship. National Geographic describes the appearance of Prometheus as an egg fried over easy.

Prometheus steals or forges the F-ring of Saturn: Evidence that Prometheus is a cloaked alien spaceship, and not a moon, is how scientists are puzzled over how Prometheus is interacting with Saturn’s F-ring. A cloaked alien Prometheus spaceship would be powered by the electromagnetic charges inside the f-ring. Prometheus has a strangely symmetrical spaceship shaped satellite moon named Pandora.

the Pandora moon of Prometheus also has a cloaked geometric spaceship shape with a scientifically unexplainable orbit


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