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Moving Atom Analogues Fractal Galaxy Structures

Molecular Nitrogen

Dimauro has imaged moving O2 and N2 molecules. This thin flat atomic disk has fractal self-similarity with galactic structures, such as both having a central “black hole” surrounded by corona bubbles, similar magnetic field distribution and electric field orientation, electron vortex, laser beams, jets, and angular momentum increasing towards the center. Dimauro found they can control the trajectory of the electron when it comes back to the molecule by adjusting the orientation of the laser that launches it. Dimauro states “you can use laser induced electron diffraction LIED to study individual atoms.” Proteins will be next to study after these simple well known structures.

M82 electromagnetic field galaxy model

Electric Universe Galaxy Model

Milky Way Bubbles



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  1. Saying that supernovae don´t form black holes… but what do they form instead? I miss that data.

  2. A massive star will supernova to form a supersolid helium core near absolute zero, surrounded by an outer region of liquid helium that contains impurities. As it evaporates,an accretion disk forms that slows down the warming process of the helium core.


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