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Venus Life: Scorpion, Arachnids Moving On Surface says Ksanfomaliti

A Scorpion like object moved for 26 minutes until disappearing – NASA doesn’t and cannot explain this as mere glitches or moving camera reflections. NASA hasn’t even analyzed any of the enhanced images in the painstaken manner that Ksanfomaliti has.

Russian scientist Ksanfomaliti has been analyzing recorded images with better new software from the Venera-13 Venus landing probe. Ksanfomaliti states “disk, black flap, and a scorpion object structure, seems to emerge, fluctuate and disappear in various other photos from a variety of other landing locations over time.” Ksanfomaliti says “Let’s boldly suggest that the objects morphological features allows us to say that they are life forms living on Venus.” “These strange moving objects have properties of living beings, and Ksanfomaliti believes that there are large terrestrial arachnids crawling on the surface of Venus, along with other life forms. The objects measured between 0.1 and 0.5 meters were constantly moving over time. This has nothing to do with what NASA says are landing parts resembling a disk. Only Ksanfomaliti has seen the actual moving objects, and a new release is forthcoming, that will show us what he has actually seen.

New Imagery from 1980 Venera 14 landing probe shows better details of alien life on Venus

Photos are also on Wikipedia showing different landing locations on Venus of strange moving lifelike objects


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