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Quasicrystal Plate Tectonics: Superstructures of Fractal Quantum Cosmology at Planetary Scales by Golden Mean, PHI, Photonic 3D Holography

QUASICRYSTALS : Believed common in outer space carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, and in Earth’s deep mantle.

Is Earth’s interior not a metallic alloy based Quasicrystal? All matter, objects and space, are dynamically intertwined together by unique quasicrystal patterns, shown by x-ray diffraction to be reinforced crests of bright dots and black troughs, that entirely fill “empty space” by hierarchical packing of fractal clusters forming larger scale clusters whose characteristic length is t^3 larger, where t=1.6168 the Golden Mean ratio. This inflation property continues at INFINITY ,and could explain the Universe itself, by the physical properties of quasicrystal spacial dimensions. Quasicrystals are real physical 3D PROJECTIONS of HIGHER-DIMENSIONAL periodic structures produced by wave vectors in the reciprocal space corresponding to the diffraction patterns. Holographic lithography can fabricate 2D and quasi-3D quasicrystals.

Iron alloy Quasicrystal supersolid Inner Core ?

Many intermetallic alloy quasicrystal systems exist. HO11 Mg15 Zn74 resembles a stuffed buckyball. Iron deposition absorbs film of iron onto Decagonal Quasicrystal Al72Ni11Co17, with an induced magnetic moment for Co and Nickel. Earth’s inner core contains both iron and nickel, and Earth’s inner core rotates only 1 degree per million years faster than the outer core. All metals and elements inside the earth should be considered to be composed of intermixed quasicrystal mixtures of superfluids and supersolids, having incredible properties that shape everything at and beneath the lower mantle. Anderson states “Plate tectonics may have a simple explanation, for why the plate mosaic self-organizes into 12 plates with 5 nearest neighbors each with 5 nearest neighbors, which is the coordination of a PENTAGONAL DODECAHEDRON with rigid faces of a jammed structure.”

12 curved pentagons agrees with WMAP observations for the shape of the Universe states Luminet.  12 moving tectonic plates on earth’s surface layer each with 5 neighbors must be from quasicrystal structures in the deep mantle. 

Bohlein states “Friction on quasicrystalline surfaces is extremely low because the structures are incommensurate.” “It is conceivable to design surfaces that slide over each other virtually FRICTION FREE as do the dynamic flexible tectonic plates slide across each other with minimum friction.

In nonlinear PHOTONIC QUASICRYSTALS Light launched at different quasicrystal sites travels through the lattice in a way equivalent to QUANTUM TUNNELING of electrons in a quasiperiodic potential. Lattice solitons form at high intensity, with fractal-like band structures and LONG-RANGE ORDER but no periodicity.

Pentagonal Dodecahedron 12 sided Universe model having identical structures and shapes of Quasicrystals and Buckyballs. Pentagonal symmetry on a 12 sided polyhedron shaped Universe




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