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Multiverse Bubbles Observationally Tested in CMB Patches by Peiris and Feeney of UCL in Computer Algorithm

Four observed CMB Patches in WMAP data could be “Multiverses”, that refutes a one time Ultimate Big-Bang event, as the standard cosmological model suggests. Big-bang string theories are irrational and outlandish, since recent evidence of gamma rays shows the planck scale in earth’s labs does not even exist in outer space. This wrecks havoc upon big-bang string theories and inflation models, with over 30,000 papers shredded at one conference. Hiranya Peiris and Stephen Feeney of UCL have merely made their own computer algorithm, to purport the big-bang theory and get institutional recognition for what are purely electromagnetic charged plasma bubbles ruled by EM forces in the REAL UNIVERSE.  Peiris states “space-time expands faster then light speed between adjacent bubbles.”  This reflects a fractal spinning four dimensional spacial EM Universe, without gravitational theories requiring constant c and g.  The Universe is EM ruled, and should not be labeled as a Multiverse to purport the big-bang gravity string theories currently bring ripped to shreds. Universes comprising a Multiverse likely have their own varying laws of physics and chemistry, as suggested by evidence that the fine-structure constant alpha varies in strength and time along a preferred axial electromagnetic dipole in outer space. Peiris and Feeney says: “When these universes are created adjacent to our own, they may leave a characteristic CMB signature pattern.” “They’re born close together – that’s when the collision happens – and inflation of space happens between the bubbles.” “Even if these bubbles were confirmed, we could never learn anything further about them.” Certainly nothing further can be learned alone by their computer simulation. New data in 2013 will arrive from the Planck telescope.  Peiris foolishly believes and purports the big-bang, and proposes that inflation is the same in every multiverse. How foolish to have constant inflation in every universe.  Eternal inflation has already been disputed without the planck scale in outer space. Plasma cosmologists explain the bubbles as vast empty voids of space that contain turbulent magnetic fields. The bubbles coincide with the cold spots on the CMB.  All microscopic and macroscopic structures of relativity are outlined by filaments, sheets and voids in the plasma universe having no ultimate scale sizes.  What are being called Multiverses is the REAL Electromagnetic spinning charged ruled Universe comprised of over 99.99% plasma that lacks any of our definable limits to sizes nor scales of plasma structures in essentially vacuum empty space without a planck scale and fixed speed of light.  The big-bang was likely just another bubble collision between superclusters or hyperclusters within 14 billion light years distance from us in four dimensional space-time.

First Test of Multiverse by Pieris and Feeney

Observing the Multiverse – Discovery mag

Crowell the top gravity scientist of writes: “The cosmology involves nucleation bubbles, analogous in ways to ferromagnetism. Above the Curie temperature magnetized atoms are tiny magnets that arbitrarily randomly orient.  Applying a cosmic scale magnetic field orients the bubbles, which cools below the Curie temperature where all bubbles sit in their own domain having roughly the same magnetic orientation.  This is how the past history of the earth is inferred, where basaltic lava rising by colliding tectonic plates and subduction zones involving plate tectonics, holds this history in cooled magnetized magnetite containing rocks.  Something similar happens to the vacuum energy of the Universe, where these bubble universes interact.  Crowell states “the FERMI and INTERGRAL data on predicted dispersion of radiation across cosmic distances illustrates how the vacuum is really free of all current believed quantum theories. This includes eternal big-bang inflationary cosmology.  “All this needs to be taken with caveats, because the foundation of physics as they know it for cosmology and dark matter theories at  is simply wrong.” 

Supernova SNR 0509 is 20 LY across

Filamentary fractal Neurons are self-similar to the large-scale structure of the Universe. Galaxies align and collide along cosmic filaments and sheets, to form larger-scale structures, including galaxy clusters, superclusters, hyperclusters…to form the cosmic web of the Universe. Time is the fourth dimensional component of space-time. 



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  1. Pretty insightful. Thanks! My site: Rachat de credit

  2. OK but a Big Bang event doesn't have to be one-time. There are multiphase Big Bang models, many based on a big bang / big crunch explode/implode cycle. Which I kind of like, to be honest, because it facilitates the construction and usage of poetic metaphors such as "the heartbeat of the cosmos" or "god breathing" or "yet another universal reincarnation". I also like Lee Smolin's idea that the birth and development of universes via fecund black holes may be driven by evolutionary processes paralleling natural selection. You must have read quantum physicist David Bohm's "implicate order and the hologrpahic universe". I'm sure you have but it is pretty relevant to your ideas so I thought I better mention it just in case,

  3. Udaybhanu Chitrakar

    If total energy of the universe is zero, as claimed by some scientists, then based on this data it can be shown that multiverse theory is probably not true. This is because total energy being zero, total mass will also be zero due to mass-energy equivalence. Scientists have also shown that anything having mass will always occupy some space. So anything that fails to occupy any space cannot have any mass. Our universe perhaps fails to occupy any space, and that is why its mass is zero. But if multiverse theory is true, then our universe will definitely occupy some space within the multiverse, and thus in that case its mass cannot be zero. But as this mass is zero, therefore multiverse theory cannot be true.
    Here it may be argued that radiation occupies space but its mass is zero. So here is an example that something occupying space can still be without mass. So our universe can also be without mass even if it occupies some space within the multiverse. In reply we will say that the example cited here is a bad example, because our universe is not any kind of radiation. So if it is without mass, then that can only be due to its not occupying any space, and not due to its being some sort of radiation.
    However, if total energy of the universe cannot be taken to be zero, then the conclusion drawn here will not stand. In that case multiverse theory may be true, but we cannot say whether it will be necessarily true.


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