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Galaxy Spin causes Antimatter in Hadley’s data but the Local Group, Superclusters, and Hyperclusters have larger effects

The galaxy is NOT the source with the LARGEST effect as Hadley claims, when you include spinning Superclusters and Hyperclusters.  Supermassive Galactic black holes are relativistic moving spinning EM Plasmoids, that accelerate particles by magnetic fields.  The same phenomena takes place for larger axial spinning superclusters, which likely caused the “Big-bang.”

Charge separation is the separation of matter of the SAME MASS by OPPOSITE CHARGE = MATTER and ANTIMATTER.  Spinning galaxies are the cause of antimatter, shows recent findings. Conversely, shouldn’t opposite charged spinning  antimatter be the cause and reason for why normal galactic matter exists? There is no fundamental difference between SPIN, ROTATION, or ORBIT.  The Universe is electromagnetic, and should not be INTERPRETED by gravitational theories.  Einstein’s special relativity equations are Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism, and the truth should be interpreted that electromagnetic forces rule the Universe.   In the Universe, Mass is analogous to Charge .



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  1. If the Universe is an electromagneti globule and mass is equivalent to charge then there is no need for quantum gravity. If gravity large scale is the measure of the distortion of space time and not a force.

    The electromagnetic force is 10^42 greater than Newton’s gravity therefore it only takes an imalance in the field density between two objects of one part in 10^42 to give the attractive force that holds our feet to the ground.

    it is often said that the universe is in exquisite balance. Well how much more exquisite can you get than one part in 10^42 ?


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