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Could Gravity and Electromagnetism be Isomorphic ?

 Isomorphism is a 1-1 correspondence of every element of one set to those of another set, which preserves all operations and relations. Insights can be extended from one phenomenon to another one not well understood. The Gravimagnetic isomorphism provides analogs to a vast quantity of physical laws, formula and terms. If Gravity and Electromagnetism are isomorphic: (1) Gravity is not an Electromagnetic effect. (2) Gravitational Mass Charge exists. (3) Virtual photons and virtual particles have no mass charge i.e. no gravitational mass  and carry no energy. (4) Charge and Mass must both have polarity, which means the two worlds are mostly disconnected, field dis-unification is indicated, and anti-gravity matter exists.  Gravity and EM operate in separate spacial dimensions, and the speed of the force carriers may be affected by factors like charge density or flux through which it moves.  The independence of dimensions for c opens up the possibility of the appearance of warping space or time in one set of dimensions independently from the others, eliminating the need for general relativity.  The delayed effect of the Coulomb force carrier accounts for much of special relativity and entirely for the magnetic field and EM laws. Normal matter is made principally of leptons and quarks, all of which carry charge.  The photon and virtual photon do not carry the gravitational force.  Coulomb charge is the source or sink of the virtual photon. Thus, mass charge is invented, and the source or sink for the graviton is the analog of the Coulomb charge.  Em fields have no gravitational mass, because virtual photons carry no gravitational mass charge. This implies the direct connection between gravitational mass and energy is broken, for equation e=mc^2. EM fields carry momentum and energy.  Gravitational fields are imaginary but EM fields are real. Charge has polarity, so must mass, for true isomorphism. Gravity g is the equivalent of the Electrostatic field E. Wherever charge is used, gravitational mass charge is substituted. The gravitational force constant G corresponds to the Coulomb force constant k .


Electron Clouds

Gravito-Magnetism Scientist : –

Isomorphism :

Nucleon of 3 color Quarks embedded in an innumerable sea of gluons. 1 Electric color analogue and 2 Up Down components for Magnetism and Gravity



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