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Mass, Light, and Color of the Cosmic Web in the Supercluster SCL2243-0935

The Cosmic Web of Dark Matter has a deceptive label by Gravity Scientists purporting the big-bang theory :

Schirmer, Hildebrandt, Kuijken, Erben  April 2011  says:

“the filaments we study in SCL2243 have larger sizes, REPRESENTING THE ACTUAL COSMIC WEB.”  In N-body simulations, the term filament is used to DESCRIBE the low-density diffuse DARK MATTER component connecting one or several galaxy clusters.”  In a filament, more or less distinct groups and smaller clusters of galaxies can form, tracing the underlying DARK MATTER FILAMENT.”  We also refer to the optical structures as filaments.”  Filaments are difficult to detect given their low surface mass density.  Filaments tend to become more compact with time.  Simplistic Linear theory yields that filaments and walls contain about 10 times as much mass as clusters.  ACDM models agree most of the mass of the Universe is in filaments, with galaxy clusters second.”  SCL 2243 extends over 4.5 x 15 x 50 h -1/70 MPC (length, width, height). The characteristic width of all filaments is about 2.0 h -1/70 MPC.



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