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BOSS shows largest scale view of the Filamentary structure of the Universe, but poorly chooses collaborating with big-bang scientists

Actual 12 Billion Light Years Scale View of Plasma Filaments. The 10 degree darker region is also filamentary, and is called the Zone of Avoidance that obscures our distant view by dust and gas. The Zone of Avoidance not only contains more mass then our far wider visible sky view, but the majority of the large-scale structures in the Universe as well. If the Cosmic Web Filamentary cellular structure extends farther out, perhaps towards infinity, the more massive dusty gaseous structures comprising the Zone of Avoidance, would be attracted towards the largest conceivable cosmic pinch of the Universe, known as the Dark Flow singularity 150 billion light years away. The fine-structure constant is nearly aligned with the Dark Flow, and not with the CMB dipole left from the big-bang.

the Spidery cosmic web is highly organized plasma filaments by electromagnetic forces labeled as dark matter to explain unseen missing gravity. Black holes and associated x-ray jets form where filaments pinch and converge. Filaments are surrounded and confined by magnetic fields. Electric field tendex lines of  “tidal gravity” simultaneously exist with the Magnetic field vortex lines that twist and warp space-time causing inertial frame dragging . Electric and Magnetic field lines, are both perpendicular to sideways moving plasma. The big-bang singularity was the electric field component of the primordial magnetic field that surrounded the Universe. Electric fields stretch and compress. This explains away the Big-Bang theory of Gravity, Black Holes, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy !  Coulomb’s Law is in fact Newton’s Gravitational equation, when charge replaces mass and a different universal constant is used. Einstein used this prior knowledge to replace Newtonian gravity by developing relativity solely by mathematical equations, asserting that Electricity has an interrelated mathematical relationship with the phenomena of gravity. Using a charged sphere for the Universe, and isolated charged points in space, allowed Einstein to develop relativity.  Theoretical, inferred, and hypothetical gravitational black holes were deliberately devised to replace charged point particles, for the big-bang theory. Gravity is a Pseudo-Force based on Newton’s Gravity in the theory of general relativity.  Apparent acceleration of Mass is caused by space-time curvature, implying that gravity is really not a Bona Fide force. A pseudo-force designates that an apparent force comes from the observer inhabiting a non-inertial frame of reference.  Apparent forces like gravity only seem “real” to the observers, and arise from other forces.  Abandon the big-bang dogmatic theory that funded institutions still teach, do not be afraid of rejection from the majority of purporters, and have the guts to stand up for what is the true emerging science of the future.



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