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Theory of Everything – Caltech Cornell SXS Collaboration unfortunately collaborates with Gravity Big-Bang Dogma

Stars Form like beads on strings along magnetically confined plasma filaments by Supernova shock Winds in Interstellar Clouds

Galaxies align like beads on strings along million light year long magnetic confined filaments forming the Great Walls of Superclusters

Galaxies sweeping up strong coherent magnetic field lines ORBIT inside the Virgo Cluster, according to findings by Pfrommer and Dursi. Can EM forces in outer space plasma explain away Gravitational forces?

Black Holes eject magnetic rings Vortexes

Kip Thorne’s membrane hypothesis of black holes paved the way for the HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTUM PRINCIPLE Of GRAVITY.  Thorne’s team of scientists at Caltech and Cornell Universities have found that tendex and vortex lines DESCRIBE Gravitational forces caused by warped space-time, and are ANALOGOUS to the EM FIELD LINES.  Vortex (Magnetic Field) lines describe the twisting and warping of space.  Tendexes are Electric field lines that cause familiar “tidal gravity” by stretching forces having attractive pull. Space plus time is the ELECTRIC “TIDAL GRAVITY” & MAGNETIC inertial frame dragging components of tendex and vortex lines.  The ultimate truth is that Gravity is a pseudo force phenomena, and like dark matter and black holes, has never been observed, being entirely theoretical inferred and hypothetical.  Newton presented Gravitational theory hundreds of years ago, and gravity waves nor dark matter particles have still never been detected anywhere. Newton saw an apple drop to the ground by gravity on earth, but now David Nichols and team states that Tendex lines from the moon cause the ocean tides to rise on earth. This means that we were all wrongly taught that the ocean tides rise because of the gravitational pull from the moon. The LIGO space station wasted billions failing to detect gravity waves, and thank God, the LISA funding by NASA has been cancelled. Team member Lovelace states that Tendex and Vortex cosmology is expected to become considered as a theory of everything. The complaint for the world is, why keep collaborating and kissing the behinds of gravity believing scientists, who require dark matter, dark energy, and black holes, so that they can continue presenting the big-bang theory as the model of the Universe?

Tendex and Vortex Lines for a plane Gravitational Wave

Tendex and Vortex Lines for a plane Gravitational Wave



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