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Self-Similar Fractal JETS

Seyfert Galaxy  3C120 Jets of Particles

MicroQuasar SS433 Jets

Dual Torus Accretion Disk

The Universe is composed of innumerable vortices of all sizes and scales.  Vortices include Light, Gas, Dust, Jets, Magnetic Fields…. Everything whole is a vortex, as are holograms. When you break down a vortex or hologram into parts, you get another whole self-similar fractal structure. Vortex cosmology is essentially and practically a “real” theory of everything, unlike all the bogus T.O.E.’s like E8, which is just another Lie Group of many.  Intersecting 3-D filaments are Holographic vortices, not requiring black and white holes to form galaxy clusters, galaxies, stars, planets, and atoms. The wrong belief today in cosmology, is that theoretical inferred postulated black and white holes exist to supply enormous dark matter gravity. The universe has a filamentary structure with great sponge like voids up to and beyond 2 billion light year scale view says N.A.S.A. This is falsely labeled and described as the cosmic web of dark matter.

The cosmic expansion of the Universe is based on the interpretation of the redshift of distant galaxies, using ionized Hydrogen and supernovas as standard candles.  The redshift is misinterpreted because galaxies contain vortex rings of gas that can backfill inter-galactic space as larger structures form. Vortex Smoke Ring

DNA Helix to Hologram Vortex Structures



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