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Vortex Tendex Cosmology : Theory of Everything

Galaxies forming by dust and gas attracting along filaments without any dark matter gravity component

Cosmic Vortex & Tendex Filaments forming Great Walls of aligned Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters. Magnetic Fields confine the million degree filaments.

Galaxy Clusters collide along Cosmic Filaments without requiring missing 90% dark matter for Gravity

Intracluster Magnetic Field strengths average 3 x 10-6 Gauss, which may seem weak, but the key is the large scale size.  A Giga Parsec Fulcrum could move a galaxy by supernova winds along cosmic filaments.


Saturn's south pole magnetic vortex

Electrical Currents of MOVING CHARGES in SPACE along filaments generate cosmic sized magnetic fields.  Space-time is warped, not by gravity, but by magnetic fields. A charge does not imply a magnetic field. A static charge gives just a radially symmetric electric field by Coulomb’s law E=kq/r^2.  The force on another charge is F=q’E. A magnetic field is due to the motion of charges by Faraday’s law.  Currents moving in a neutral medium like a metal generate magnetic fields on earth.


Pulsar Vortex Jet Beam

Neutron Star Vortex JET

Binary Star Plasma GAS VortexPulsar-Vortex LIGHT Beam

Black Hole Vortex at converging Filaments



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